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Mild symptoms?? No periods - just general discomfort! Am I making a fuss?!

Having encountered infertility issues I'm now the proud mother of 4!!! I was initially dignosed with Polycystic ovaries and almost never had a period, and the two middle chlidren are the result of Clomid. After my third child I started having very heavy (but regular) periods and pain in the rectum just before I had a period.

My fourth child is now 10 months and I haven't had a period yet. However for the last two months I've had general abdominal discomfort, and sometimes rectal pain. It's the same pain as I have encountered before a period or ovulation but my periods still haven't started. Is this normal? I haven't had a diagnosis of endo. but my doctor is suspecting this. I'm not half as bad as some cases I've read on this site but it does worry me and is uncomfortable. Does anyone else have similar mild symptoms? Would a coil sort me out as suggested by my doctor?

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The benefit of the coil chiefly is to stop periods and period pain. And yes it might help, but because you've had 4 pregnancies and you have painful bowel movements it really needs proper investigating with a lap op, to check if indeed you do have endo, or more likely adhesions which are kinking or restricting your bowels from working properly and making loo trips more painful. It might be possible to have surgery on the adhesions, but this is only ever a temporary fix, because adhesions will always grow again after any surgery or trauma to your insides. You can get adhesions without hving endo, just having a pregnancy can set them off growing.

The main area where endo blood pools, because it cannot escape, is the gap at the back of the womb between the uterus and the rectum called the 'POD or pouch of douglas', and if this has filled up with old blood or cysts then that can put significant pressure on you when you have sex or have a poo, and cause a lot of discomfort.

It won't show up in scans, so surgery to have a proper look is the only way to be sure.

And just because you are not in raging pain doesn't mean you don't have significant endo. As all the articles state a tiny patch of endo can be agonising, but many ladies with huge amounts of endo can feel very little discomfort or symptons at all. We are all different, and no two endo cases are the same by any means.

Personally speaking I did have really heavy and painful periods but rarely felt pain when I wasn't on my period. And I have stage 4 endo and didn't have a clue it was on my bladder and bowel and intestines and everything else. I didn't know all my organs were stuck together with adhesions. Didn't have a clue about that at all, other than like you, going for a poo was at times getting ouchy.

Nest step for you is to ask your GP to refer you to see a gynaecologist with a view to asking for a lap op to possibly diagnose endo (or anything else that might be the issue.) It won't be likely to clear up all by itself, and the longer you leave it the more difficult it can become to tackle the endo if it is that, as it grows deep in to your other organs.


Thank you so much!

I just feel that I'm making a fuss out of nothing sometimes, but must sort it out I know!

I have an appointment with my G.P. on Wednesday and she is very sympathetic so I think I'll have to bite the bullet and get a proper diagnosis!



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