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Laparoscopy done, 2nd time lucky

After the first cancellation due to lack of beds, I finally had my lap at a private hospital on Saturday afternoon. No endometriosis was found which I find surprising due to the fact that I have every symptom and am in pain all the time. He did find I still have PCOS. Adenomyosis was already found via MRI last year so I'm guessing the pain is due to that. I don't know what else would cause painful sex and orgasms, stabbing pains up places I never dreamed of etc. My consultant insists he had a good look around. I wasn't prepared for how tired I would feel. Yesterday I practically slept the whole day, unable to stay awake for more than a few minutes. I ended up staying overnight as I wasn't back in my room until 5pm and it took me awhile to come round. The indigestion and shoulder/neck pain has been uncomfortable but manageable. My tummy feels quite sore and it hurts to walk around. I'm still bleeding but was told this was normal. Unfortunately wearing knickers is very uncomfortable and I can't wait to take them off. I'm supposed to see my consultant in about 4 weeks and to be honest. I don't think much can be done right now. I had the Mirena fitted end of June last year and I don't think enough time has passed for it to work. I would rather wait awhile longer and see if there are any positive changes. I had a smear test done at the same time so I'm awaiting the results from that too. I'm glad no endo was found but I'm not 100% convinced.

Annabel xx

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Hi pleased to hear that you were second time lucky in getting your lap done although I'm sorry to hear you didn't get the outcome you were expecting. Unfortunately the symptoms are very similar to quite a few different conditions so it can sometimes be just a case of elimation. Even just having an explanatory lap can knock you sideways so just take things easy and listen to your body. Good luck with your follow up hopefully you consultant will have some options for you. Take care x


I m glad you updated your blog. I was wondering how you had got on. Thank for commenting on my last post. I was in lot of pain and tired with both my polypectomy and laparoscopy . i was on tramadol and co codamol for at least a week so do allow yourself time to recover. I don t know if the adenomyosis makes it more painful ? . I don t find sex as painful as actual orgasm which does give me sharp stabbing pain in right hand side of my groin. My first laparoscopy was clear.but I have all the symptoms of endometriosis and am in pain and fatigued all the time.

I no longer have periods as i m on prostrap. I was hoping that when i saw the consultant yesterday I could discuss having a hysterectomy but I ended up despondent and discouraged as always. I have had 4 prostap injections and after 2 more I believed i could have hysterectomy. I have now been told that I have to wait 3 to 6 months to see if prostrap has any effect on adenomyosis. I am not looking forward to having periods again. I was hoping to have hysterectomy within next 6 months and am quite depressed at thought I have another year of feeling like this. I have no job at moment and am uneasy about applying for one with all this unresolved. If I had a hysterectomy I could explain that my health problems had been solved, I lost my last job due to ili health due to endometriosis so would prob need to declare this to new employer.

My consultant wants me to wait for possible hysterectomty as they think prostrap can shrink the endometriosis within muscle lining. They don t believe hysterectomy will cure my leg and back pain as I would need to have extensive endometriosis to have these symptoms. They can t explain why I have constant leg and pelvic pain and suggest it could be unrelated. I am so relieved that you have these symptoms too. They won t let me have an ultra sound.

. IF they do agree to hysterectomy and they did suggest it might not be as straightforward as I think in treating adenomyosis it would be removal of womb and ovaries and HRT straightaway. I am 42 next month but am lucky enough to have children so am ok with having hysterectomy if it will make difference. Like you I worry that I have endo they have missed.

I tried mirena coil but could nt get on with it. I bled constantly for 6 months , still had pelvic pain, kept having symptoms of bladder infection without actually having one. I think if it was going to work it would have done by now ?


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