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What next after Prostap?

Hi folks am currently three weeks into my second 3month dose of Prostap. My u derstanding is that it is only prescribed for a maximum of 6 months so while obviously enjoying pretty much symptom free at the moment (still tired, joint pains and some pain during sex though very few/slight abdominal pain, no bleeding this time around) I'm just wondering what comes next. I've already had 3months off work ( last Oct-Dec) and hate the thought of more time off. I know another lap probably lies ahead of me. so many questions!!! Any advice much appreciated. Thanks. xx

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I just wanted to say that you can stay on prostap longer than 6 months if your consultant agrees its working for you and they are happy for you to stay on it etc. The 6 months limit is where it is only licensed for use for up to 6 months without also having add back hrt, so you can stay on it for longer than 6 months but have to have hrt after 6 months. I am currently 2 months into a 12mth course (after being off work nearly all of oct-dec like you) and have been told I can stay on it longer if it works etc.

If you are finding that its working for you and are happy to stay on it I would phone your gynae and ask them if you can stay on it, if they agree they should be able to send a letter through to your GP quite quickly so that you can continue without a gap etc x


Hiya Hayls, that's great news!! Thankyou!! That is a major relief! Be interested to know how you get on with the hrt. Glad to know you have found something that works for you. xxx


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