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Can anyone please help?

Hi, can anyone help me? I'm in my late 20s and have been trying to conceive for two years. I've now been referred to hospital but everything is so slow and my next appt is not till April. So far I've had an internal and bloods and all looks ok. Next step is hsg and ultrasound. Docs saying not sure if it's endometriosis but these are my symptoms: v painful periods which when I was in teens/early 20s involved vomitting and diarrhoea often at same time :-( Heavy periods - 1 super super sized tampon full within 4 hours. Infertility. Spotting before period often on day 24. Spotting after period often till day 9 - so I bleed for 2 weeks. Terrible acne throughout month and oily skin.

Anyone else going through same probs?

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Hi Kaenna, Im a tad older than you now ( :( ) but through my teens my periods were horrendous. At school I would have to wear a tampon and two!!!! pads and I would still leak during a lesson and would have to be in the loo after every lesson it was horrendous! By the time I was 23 I was rolling round the floor in agony whether it was my period or not. I had a laparoscopy at 25 where endo was diagnosed and removed. I have had several flare ups since this current one being the worst which has lasted well over a year now - HOWEVER i conceived naturally at 32 and had a boy and conceived again at 39 naturally and had a girl (I know how lucky i am) - so if its endometriosis or not there is hope on the conceiving front. good luck with your appt April and good luck with TTC. xx


Just a thought Kaenna but can you try and get your next hospital appointment brought forward? You could ring the consultant's secretary yourself or if you dont have any success there ask your GP to write/fax and ask on your behalf.

Worth a try perhaps in your situation as the heavy bleeding will be affecting your iron levels and making you feel tired and run down.

Good luck, xx


Thanks for your responses. It is reassuring to hear others have been in the same position and successfully conceived. I've got hospital appt as early as possible - 8 weeks after my last one. Originally it was 12 weeks but I argued my case and it got moved forward. I just wish someone could help me sooner... HSG is tomorrow and US next week so at least these are two things out of The way...


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