Endometriosis nightmere

Endometriosis nightmere

I was diagnosed with Endometrosis 7yrs ago,im 32yrs old,its took me 10yrs to get diagnosed. I was sterilized at the age of 22yrs old & had a hysterectomy last yr (2010) with my ovaries left intact.I have had biopsips & tisuse taken many time & have to go to A&E often. I am always tired & sleep alot, i am always in pain (back, bowel, legs, abdomen) I have alot of bowel problems. Some days i cant walk or stand up straight, i also have depression. I currenlty take multipul medications a a result. My sister does many of the basic things that i cant (my sister lives with me) I am claimimg sickness benefits, but these are at rise due to the goverment changes even though my doctor as stated that i am unale to work.

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  • Hi Myakorinar, I really do feel for you and have experienced everything that you have described. Rest is very important, don't worry about your benefits, you must have your doctors onside...so don't even worry yourself about it. I had a radical hysterectomy in 1995 when I was only 29 I lost all my reproductive organs, including a portion of bladder and bowel. I only have my cervix left. I was extremely depressed at the time as I was trying for a baby but now I know it was all for the best but it is very difficult. I still feel that there is a gap in my life but there is nothing I can do. I have tried fostering and adoption but failed the medicals...I have now come to terms with it all and life goes on. The most important person is you...make sure you are ok...don't worry about what you can or can not do...just do what you can and enjoy doing it. I'm always here if you need to chat. Take care and gentle hugs to you . June xxx

  • I used to be very active, i used to do a lot of walkin & camping, none of which i am able to do now, i now use a walking stick. Sex is very painfull & impossible at times, although my husband is very good about this. Te dotors also thing that i might have pelvic floor damage due to giving girth to my son who was very big. I have been given excercises to do but exercise makes the endo worse.

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