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Endometriosis UK needs your help - sign our petition for better early diagnosis

Over 2 million women in the UK alone have endometriosis. Yet the average diagnosis time is still 7.5 years! That's why we have joined forces with other charities to call on the government to ensure that GPs & healthcare professionals are better equipped to diagnose people as early as possible. Please 'like' the Early Pain Alliance Facebook page and more importantly, sign and share our e-petition. Together we really can make a difference.

The e-petition is here: epetitions.direct.gov.uk/pe...

The Facebook page is here: facebook.com/pages/Early-Di...

Thank you very much.


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In my experience I found that doctors did not pick up on the symptoms of endometriosis and put me on the pill when i was 14/15. I have to say i've seen 2 gynaecologist and the 2nd consultant has been absolutely fantastic. I think it is the doctors that need to be made aware of the symptoms of endo & that they should refer women with symptoms to see a gynaecologist much sooner. It took 15 years for my endo to be diagnosed which is too long.


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