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Guilty...of feeling guilty

My New Years resolution should have been 'stop feeling guilty!'

This is another aspect of endo that I've come to accept as part of the disease. Guilt for letting down friends at the last minute, guilt about calling in sick when I know we're short-staffed, guilt about not being able to have sex, guilt about not being able to run around with my daughter, -you name it, I'm guilty!

Even though the common-sense part of my brain says 'Stop it! It's not your fault you're ill!', I still can't help feeling guilty sometimes. I think it must be some primeval instinct that I should be able to solve this problem called endo, then feel guilty because I can't. Talking about it helps as sometimes when you say it out loud you realise how ridiculuos it sounds. From now on when I feel like this I will chant in my head 'This is the Endo talking'.


Avoided pain killers as I took loads at the weekend, 50mg ami, cerezette, loratadine

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Hi you are not alone in feeling guilty I regularly feel guilty for being ill all the time and its effects on my husband, boys, family and friends. I feel guilty that I can't do things, that I'm in pain have to go to hospital often and inconvenience their lives , My biggest guilt at the moment is that I am having hysterectomy and therefore will need my family to look after themselves and me which I won't like!!!! I wish I didn't feel guilty but I do and can't help it as its me who has this awful disease, I just have to remind myself I'm very lucky to have 2 children x x


Hi Catcat - I am in the same position - I have been suffering for over 20 years and have finally been told the hysterectomy is the next step. I know it's hard but you have to put yourself first. Hopefully once you have your surgery you will feel better and be able to enjoy your life with your family. Lots of people cause disruption for their families and they aren't even sick! Be kind to yourself and get prepared for a happy hysterectomy and you will recover quickly - I think we all have to learn not to feel guilty take care


I think guilt is part of the package unfortunately. Reading your post was like reading my mind but remember you have to do what is right for you, the people that love you will understand and only want what's right for you. The other people aren't worth thinking of. Stay strong x


The biggest guilt I face is the fact that I might not ever be able to give children to my husband knowing how badly he wants to have children, well I do as well but the problem is with me not with him, he does try to support me but at times he's ever so quiet and the silence speaks more than words, well I guess it would take some as only found out in december that my chances of conceiving are close to nill due to damaged tubes and IVF waitng list and complications all hinder having a normal life.


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