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Hi there,

I'm 16 and have had ALOT of trouble recently with endo.

Just wondered if anybody knew of GOOD gynaecologists in the Staffordshire area, on the NHS and who are FEMALE!!

I am struggling to find any good females and I refuse to see a man for personal reasons. I just can't seem to get anyone to help me.

Many thanks in advance.

Leya :)

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Hi Leya

Unfortunately I cant help you a lot, as I live in London, I have a brilliant male endo gynaecologist here, if you were in London I would do anything to convince you to see him. You can always go the endometriosis UK site, find the helpline and talk with one of them, they will guide you.

And dont think that a female gynaecologist would be more compassionate than a man, most of the times is the opposite! But of course its up to you :)

Best of luck hun

Jo xx


Hi Jo,

Thanks for replying :). I have experienced the wrath of a female but as I said for personal reasons I would prefer a female.

I feel like London would be the only place to go and get things sorted. Every gynae near me thinks it's either in my head or its IBS even though the lap proved it to be endo.

What can I do though?! Anyway, thanks for the help and I'm glad you're having a better experience with your gynae.

Best wishes for your future

Leya :) x



I can relate to this, for years I couldn't see any male doctors until eventually I found one I could cope with.

I have been recommended a female surgeon in Oxford called Jane Moore, she is meant to be brilliant and has been recommended to me by 4 different people. At the John Radcliffe hospital on the NHS. I plan on getting referred to her myself.

I hope this helps and that you get the care you need soon.



There is a female gynae at the specialist endo centre in Oxford called Jane Moore but she specialises in the medical treatment and chronic pain and doesn't do surgery. It might be helpful for you to see her. I used to be seen there and was under Tim Child who did my surgeries - I too have difficulty seeing male gynaes because of my past but I have not found a female endo specialist who operates. I don't know why this is

Mr Child was great though - I explained my situation and he never examined me whilst awake (theres very little point in most cases) and he made it clear to me that there would be a female with me the whole time I was under anaesthetic and this helped a lot.

You may be able to find a competent female gynae but I doubt you'll find a female endo specialist who operates. I hope you can find someone to help.


Thanks Jen1982 and cupcakegirl for replying.

I've looked up John Radcliffe hospital on the internet and it is far from me but I'm willing to go for it. A question for cupcakegirl, have you been to see Jane Moore?

if so then is she any good? Will she believe me is kinda what I'm asking because so far I've been told there is nothing wrong even though my lap proved it.

This may sound stupid and ageist but how old is she? as all the gynae's I've seen have been 50's and they don't seem very tolerable with me moaning about "a little bit of period pain".

It's actually more than that but they keep saying I'm 16 and too young to have endo so it must be just painful periods or IBS. Anyway, sorry for the ramble and thanks again to all 3 of you for replying. Good luck to all of you.

Leya :)


PS I just found out Jane Moore does do surgery, she is a pain specialist but she has operated on a few people I know :) I would say it's worth travelling for a good specialist. So sorry you're going throuhg this so young. I hope you find an answer soon.

Hugs xx


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