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Doc and Surgeon are no help

I'm new to this endo business. I tried convincing my doc for 2 yrs that something was wrong with me. Three months ago I had a very large sized endometrioma cyst removed, along with my right ovary and falipion tube via lapascopitic. After the surgery, the surgeon was stand offish and didn't tell me anything of value. He did tell me the cyst was bigger than expected and that I had a lot of scar tissue. I asked him if he removed any scar tissue and he said no. I was shocked and very uncomfortable. I wish I would have stood up for myself better. He didn't even tell me if he found additional endometriosis. He didn't offer up much info - just asked me if i had any questions. I didn't know what questions TO ask. Does anyone have a theory as to why he wouldn't have removed any scar tissue for me? Pre op I told him to take anything out that needed to go (I know realize that was foolish of me). Now I'm experiencing pain again and not looking forward to another surgery. Any advice would be helpful - I'm trying to become a better advocate for myself. Oh, also, I had to play phone tag with the doc to get the results of my biopsy! They didn't call me when the results were in...is this normal? (I'm cancer free - hell yes)!!

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You need to put pressure and see him again and get all your answers and maybe after that you should consider changing gynae. Find a good endo gynae in your area and go there.

Make sure you demand from your current doctor all results, findings and reports (all your medical records) so you can give them to your new gynae. It is your right to know what happened to you so put pressure to get all the paperwork and try to get some answers before you leave him for good!

My second (brilliant) gynae was wondering why my first gynae left back endo spots when he operated me (while he took pics of the endo during the lap, but didnt touch it!)...we never found why...cause I didnt put pressure to know! The result was another lap with my second gynae that luckily went really well. Done make the same mistakes with me! :)

Jo xx


Thanks! I called and am going to have copies of everything done very soon. The next professional I see will actually be an endo specialist recommended by the gals in my endo support group. Thanks for reminding me how much power I actually have.


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