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advice :D

So, I now have my first gyno appointment thank god, I have booked it for the 22nd so I hope it comes around quick.

What do I expect from this first appointment like what will happen and so on. Do I take the symptoms diary I have been doing with me for them to look at or not?

I am just getting so run down, I feel like I am getting worse and worse by each day. Getting a lot of headaches to recently does anyone else get these? It seems to be the week before I am due on. The sickness is the worst thing I am finding hard to deal with at the moment and the extreme bloating, I weigh myself and make a note of my weights in the morning and evening and they change so much, I wake in the morning and am well over 10 stone then in the night I have dropped to 9stone 5. I just feel so heavy and have no energy what so ever.

Any tips and advice anyone has would be great :D

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Hi the first appointment is usually lots of questions and maybe a internal examination , I would definately take your symptoms diary and any information you have that might be useful. Good luck hope you get some answers :)


I agree with Catcat, at the first appointment the gynae will want to know a brief history from you, any other medical problems you have, the symptoms you are suffering and their frequency.

You may get sent for blood tests or referred for an ultrasound scan. It is also likely you will undergo an internal but the gynaes I have found are usually very gentle as they appreciate you are in pain. You may also be added to the inpatient waiting list for an exploratory laparascopy, depending on the views of your consultant/hospital.

It would be a good idea to take your completed diary for the consultant to have a look at and if appropriate, a list of questions you would like answers to <if you have already prepared one> Sometimes when we are in a different setting such as the consultant's clinic room we forget the questions we want to ask and forget the information and advice he/she has given us. Are you planning on taking a friend along for moral support? They can always act as a second ear and recall words you may forget in the heat of the moment.

Good luck with your appointment on 22nd and hope you leave with a useful treatment plan as the outcome.



thank you so much for a reply.

What kind of questions could I ask? I have not been diagnosed with anything yet so dont really want to ask about things I may not have or should I, should I ask about fertility and things?

I am taking my partner hopefully if he can get the afternoon of work. I have had a internal and ultrasound already so hopefully they may say I need the laparascopy.

My diary tends to say the same thing on each day as I get the same symptoms everyday I have written a main list of symptoms and all medication I have recently had and so on, i will just be glad to get to the bottom of this.


No problem!

Yes please your fertitility needs to be addressed as does the severity and frequency of your symptoms. Make sure you tell the gynae how much pain you are in and how often. It is also important to let he/she know the impact the endo pain is having on your day to day life. For example I used to go to work everyday then spend the evenings in pain unable to do anything such as socialising with friends. All my energies went into making sure I kept my job but my quality of life was affected as your life shouldnt be all work work work.

When the gynae offers you various treatment options make sure you are clear in what each one will entail and any side-effects you may experience. If you are listed for a lap try and get an indication of how long you are likely to be waiting beofre being offered a date.

If I think of anything else I'll come back to you :)


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