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Can u have children with endometriosis?

Ive got endometriosis was diagnosed with it 7 years ago. I use to have really regular periods once the end of every month, but since i started trying for a baby last year october my periods have gone so irregular sometimes im having 2 a month. Really want a baby but dont know if i can not sure when i ovulate now. My periods are so painful aswell. Does anyone know could i still get pregnant with whats going on.

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Yes you can get pregnant with endo, sometimes it makes it a bit harder, but in the majority of cases there is no problem. It also depends where the endo is, if it is for example on the bladder then it wont affect fertility.

You are trying for a long time though, and women with endo must go back to their doctor after 6 months of trying and have no results. As you mention your periods and how irregular they are, you definitely need to go back to your gynae so he can check ovulation, hormones etc etc.

Good luck

Jo x


I got pregnant after I'd had my left ovary and tube removed. As Jo says, endometriosis does not automatically mean infertility :)

But as she also said, it could be a hormonal problem rather than endo causing your irregular periods and you should get it checked out

Good luck

C xxx


Most definitely, I've got endo and adeno and have 2 children xx


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