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Worst day pain wise so far and the day has only just begun

Not having a good day so far, woke up in utter agony unable to move! I had to get my boyfriend to get me a drink and my painkillers as I physically couldn't move for fear of being sick with the pain! They day has only just begun and I'm all ready dosed up on high doses of co-codomol which leaves me feeling excessively out of it, and I have to go to work.

I have my follow up appointment with my gyne on the 17th which although its only 2 weeks away I have no idea how much longer I can cope. Between the endo and constant cysts I'm getting worried about my fertility and chances of conceiving. I have been with my partner for 2 years and I can not fault the support he has given me since I explained the condition to him! We are already looking at buying a house together and in the future we will be looking to have children together. I can only asume that my only way to be sure is to try?

Ok rant over sorry for the long post I needed to get that off my chest.

Hope you all have a lovely Xmas and it is as pain free or manageable as it can be.

Kellie xx

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I am so sorry to hear that you are in that much pain.

I remember feeling so bad that I could hardly walk and felt like I was going to be sick...

I have found that a mix of Naproxen and Paracetamol takes the worst off my pain so I can still work with a clear mind but you have to take it as soon as the pain starts.... mornings are hard obviously as you cant get in there earlier than you wake up :S

Maybe speak to the doctor about going to a pain clinic for advice about the best pain management system for you? Managing the meds in particular ways can ensure that you are taking them in such a way as to make them as effective as possible.

Good luck I am also lucky with my boyfriend being so great and understanding about endo... I'm glad you have that support cause it makes a HUGE difference



my thoughts are with you hun. you are not alone, and yes I think the only way to know is to try. Hope you manage to get to work ok xxx


Yes, I am familiar with that waking through a wall of agonising pain and feeling sickly. I know exactly what you mean when you say you can't take pain meds once they have elapsed in the early hours until the pain has become so intense it wakes you and even reaching out for your drink and pills seems like an ordeal! I wish there was some type of slow release painkiller that lasted long enough to get you through to dawn without the agonising pain. I often wish I had a hypothermic needle I could stick directly into my right pelvis to kill the horrible pain that wakes me daily. Do you find going to the toilet helps relieve the pressure a bit? It doesn't stop the pain but takes the very edge off it for me. It continues to pinch like a nerve pain for the rest of the morning like it is right now and only eases off after more pain relief, anti spasmodics and stool softeners. Beware of codeine's constipating effects! that in itself can cause pain if not balanced with stool softeners and lots of water.


Thank you all for your comments it's so refreshing to be able to people who truely understand what I'm going through! At one of my follow up appountments he tried to tell me it was ibs and gave me tablets and fiber sachets that didn't work, that was about the 4th time I've tried the tablets and sachets with no success.

Going to the toilet doesn't help at all some times it just makes the pain worse.



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