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Does anyone else suffer from constant bloated stomach for weeks, who has endo and/or is on the GNhy anolouge injection and Hrt?

Hi guys. I have had a constant bloated stomach for a week now! My endo is playing up at the moment and I generally feel like *shit! (excuse my language) I look about 5 months pregnant, my stomach is that bloated and it just don't go down. This happens every so often. I'm so low at the moment really struggling to get myself on Track and stating positive :( just wondered if anyone suffers the same . Thanks xx

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I do hun, I go from a size 8 to a size 12 in the space of an hour! Not on the same treatment as you so not sure if it could be that but I know mine gets worse when I'm on my feet for the day and sometimes a really hot bath can ease it sometimes. It is so hard to stay positive when you can't even get dressed properly because your tummy is so massive none of your trousers fit....my bloating has gotten worse since being on norethisterone but I know it is a common side effect. Big hugs and hope you feel better soon xxx


Hey Dancer :-) I get the exact same thing, I hate it! It makes me feel really sluggish and fed up, I go from a size 10 to a size 12/14! Grrrrr...

I've found that if I avoid bread and pasta (my favourite) during these times, it helps a bit. Also I can have brown rice, but not white rice. But really the main thing that makes me feel better is getting in to a pair of totally oversized PJ's and hiding in them as much as I can!

Apparently fennel tea and warm water with lemon help to reduce bloating as the are natural diuretics, so help you to flush out excess fluid, not sure if it works though.

I hope your feeling better soon, I know what it's like and send you lots of get betterness and hugs. If you find anything that helps, let me know!

Emily xxx


hi all, i am also the same totally bloated to the point that my daughters think im preggs.. nxt morn i get did you have yr baby mum..wot did u have.. ?.. and deffo tired n drained i work 3 nites but been on leave past wk for my birthday 40th.. am so exhausted cant handle daily life on a happy high, i ahd endo going back 12 yrs ago tried all meds then had 2 girls tehn appendix decided to rumble n cause periods every 3rd wk, :( had pills coils finally ablation, at last freedom frm bleeding but same time kids dad cheated on me :( out he went 3 yrs later run down depressed n faced repo... i now am getting slite spotting n sever crampy pains.. had a swab taken awaiting on scan date to see if endo has decided to reappear... but on plus side my kiddies aged 7 and 12 keep me spirits high even if im in bed before them xx


Hi hun thanks for your message. I am 22 and one day would love to have children. Can I ask did u have endo then go on to have 2 children?

I am spotting have done now for the past 8-9 weeks and I have craps also. I no I have endo but they say only mild but it's bad enough! I am so bloated I look pregnant so I no how u feel. I hope it hasn't come back for you sorry your going through all that :( xxx


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