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Anyone at UCLH endo centre with bowel symptoms?


I had my second lap in march plus mirena coil insertion. After 9 months, gynae symptoms have settled but bowel symptoms getting worse. I previously had endo in pouch of douglas but now have 'diffuse endo'. The gynae was really reluctant to give me info on exactly where and if there were adhesions. Not impressed! I have been bloated on and off since the op and now have to wear clothes a size larger. Now I am really struggling to pass a motion but keep getting urge to go and nothing happens. Also getting bleeding per rectum and right sided pain and back pain. Luckily my GP has referred me to another centre- UCLH endo clinic which i think works together with bowel surgeons. Starting to worry I might have bowel cancer as well as endo as all the same symptoms but GP didn't seem to be concerned. So now waiting for appointment. Has anyone had bowel problems treated at UCLH?

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Hi there

I have not been treated for any bowel problems at all, but the endo gynaes in UCLH are brilliant, so you coudnt be in better hands, one of them is my gynae too.

Good luck :)

Jo x


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