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If i was an animal i`d be put down!!!

2 weeks since lap and pain worse than before. Belly button hasnt healed and am feeling like crap. Just want to hide away and cry. My job that i love feels like a chore as feeling so tired of putting on a brave face and smile when inside i just want to cry.

Feel so alone. Have everyone telling me how great it is that they found no endo but i feel like its back to square one...i am 100% convinced its gynae but scared that specialist will sign me off as not a gynae issue. Got appointment with doc on weds to discuss options but have no idea where to go next. Adenymiosis has been suggested on here but would they not have found it on my lap?

Argh....had enough

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They didnt find my adenomyosis on a lap, it was diagnosed in a process of elimination. It wasn't endo, it wasn't IBS, it wasn't in my head so apparently it's adeno.....good luck with your gp x


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