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cyst on ovary??

hiya i have just joined this and want some help really i have just spent 4 days in hospital and had a scan it showed up that i had a 4cm cyst on my ovary they call it the chocolate cyst. i am waiting for and appointment to see my gynecologist just really scared as i dont no if this can stop me having children. just want some information on it really so if any one could help

thanks x

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hi I am also new on this site sorry to hear about that. but i have little information about this.

before i was dignoise with endomentroisis i was having a 6cm cyst on the left side ,ond day i was having pain. i went to the A/E with severe pain they rushed me to do scan and they find out that the cyst has disapear, that is when they arrange to send me for laparoscopy and they confirm i have endo. so i will advice you to see your gyne and see what they can do next

but dont be scared because i had that you can still get pregnant with cyst. i was pregnant when they find that i have cyst but i lost it due to octopic pregnancy

wait for your appointment and good luck



Hi Beckyboo

i had 2 large chocolate cysts on my ovaries, i had a lap in April where they cut away some endo and they cut and drain the cysts this is the treatment i had no sure if its usual or not........but if it is then theres no reason why you cant get pregnant as they dont touch your ovary just the cysts

Hope this helps

Nik xx


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