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hiya i have just joined this and want some help really i have just spent 4 days in hospital and had a scan it showed up that i had a 4cm cyst on my ovary they call it the chocolate cyst. i am waiting for and appointment to see my gynecologist just really scared as i dont no if this can stop me having children. just want some information on it really so if any one could help

thanks x

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It shouldn't affect your fertility greatly as you have the two ovaries, as long as the other stuff is working fine you should be ok to concieve naturally. The best answers you'll get is probably after you've had a lap and the docs had a good luck inside.

I know it's easy for me to say, but try not to worry too much. Both my aunt and my nan were told they'd never concieve! My nan had five children and my aunt had three!

Big hugs and I hope you're feeling better soon x x x x


my right ovary was always getting cysts and has left loads of scar tissue and now my left ovary has got a cyst just really worried they have already said its going to be hard has i have a really bad case of endometrosis and now with this cyst just hope it doesnt set me back even more on trying for a baby,thanks for your reply xxx


Hi Becky

I went through a period where both of my ovaries were taking turns to sprout cysts. Sometimes they did it at the same time.

I was still falling pregnant at the drop of a hat despite them trying their darndest to stop me! :)

Try not to stress too much. Easy for me to say, I know, but stress will make things 10 times harder

Good luck

C xxx


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