Volunteering For Endo!

I am a volunteer at Endometriosis UK and work in the fantastic office once a week! I help out with all the data that we receive from our logging calls (e.g. how long diagnosis takes) to understand where women with endo are most at need or what extra help/advice they may want in the future.

I recommend anyone with any free time to become a volunteer for Endo UK, either by setting up your own local group or becoming a call line helper for when a sufferer or family/friend needs to talk!

It is highly rewarding and the team are lovely to get to know :-)

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  • We love having you in the office Kathy!

  • I would love to if I had the time!!

  • I would love to if I had the time!!

  • I would love to volunteer but could only do weekend as i have a 9-5, 5 days a week that wears me out but would love to get involved in helping get a support group set up in Bromley/ kent area (as far as i know there isnt one- if there is please feel free to let me know)

    Thanks :)

    Danni x

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