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Any positive experences with deceptyl injections without hrt livial/tibolone fallback?

I ask as i am on these but am getting menpause symptoms anyway,and the livial has some very unpleasent side effects hair loss being the most upsetting followed by headaches and dizzieness.I will more than likely be stopping it anyway in a couple of months for hysterectomy and a pharmacist told me it is such a mild drug i won,t notice i have stopped it.

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Yes littlestar I had 8 months worth of prostap injections without any form of HRT before my hysterectomy in January 2011.

I am now 18 months post-op and have not needed HRT in any form but I realise I am one of the lucky ones as my menopausal symptoms are not too noticeable. I have discussed the matter with my GP and he prescribed a calcium supplement which I take daily to aid the strength of my bones.

With regard to your headache symptoms I only suffer occasionally nowadays due to taking medication daily to prevent migraines.I have a bad history of suffering from these which have required hospitalisation and taking a preventative tablet has really helped me.

Good luck for your op, x


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