Why do some women with Endo get fitted with the coil and others dont?

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  • Hi

    I don't know for sure, but my understanding is that there are several factors:

    1. The treatment options any of us are offered are completely up to the consultant and doctors we see.

    This is dependent on things like their experience of the different treatments, their own opinions on how effective they are and how they feel they have worked for their other patients in similar cirsumstances etc etc, amongst other things. Cost can come into it too, the coil is a relatively cheap treatment and often doctors will try cheaper treatment routes first.

    2. Your symptoms/personal situation.

    This is probably the biggest factor for the coil. The coil can help treat/control heavy bleeding, not all women with endo suffer from this and for some the coil simply isn't effective enough. The coil may stop periods (but often doesnt) so if that is a priority then that is another reason why you may be offered the coil. Severity of endo will also be a factor somewhere. It may be that any potential benefits from the coil simply wouldn't acheive anything for you in your situation. In my case I was told it is simply not worth trying the coil as the severity of my endo means its unlikely I would get any benefit from it.

    Overall, I wouldn't read too much into whether or not you have been offered it unless you think it would benefit you, in which case I would suggest discussing it with your doctor. It's can be done by your GP so can discuss it with them if you don't have a consultant apt coming up.


  • Thank you for your reply Hayls :-)

    I was diagnosed last May with stage 4 Endo after 8years of suffering, i have tried 6 types of pill, the depo, implant, had 2 laps and just finished a 4 month stint on Prostap. My friend was diagnosed in April with stage 1 after a years turn around from seeing her GP. She has had the coil fitted and kept asking me why i hadnt had it. I couldnt give a definitive answer besides assuming it was down to severity and symptoms.

    I think suggestion number 2 is more than likely the case, my endo was on my ovaries, fallopian tubes, my left tubes was attached to my bowel and pelvic wall and my right tube to my uterus. Potentially i am similar to you in severity being the major factor.

    Thank you for your help in this, i shall definitely pass this on.

  • Hi Digger,

    I know they don't suggest the coil for ladies who havne't had children as after you give birth your cervix is normally 1cm dialated forever more which gives more room for the coil. I have had 2 mirena coils and have had to have them taken out again because my cervix is too tight, even after having two children :O hope this helps xxx

  • Hey Missteal,

    I have always thought that the coil was given to women post childbirth - problem being both my friend and I are 24 and neither have had the pleasure of having babies :-S Confused.com!

    Wow you must be made of elastic to be like that, lucky you in some respects! :)


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