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Silly me!

Hi everyone :)

Well...I had my appointment at the doctors last monday and managed to get a referral to see a gyno! Yay but who knows how long that will take. Good news though.

Bad day! So my period is due and as we all know we get even more pain when the dreaded hell is due. Today I felt fine when I woke up. I decided I would help my mum put up chicken wire stuff round the garden as we got a puppy (not what I wanted but heyho) while I was moving stones from one side of the garden to the whole side for the bottom of the wire stuff so pup couldnt get underneath. I started to feel a little pain so took my painkillers. Now I am in agony and I am exhausted. I need to do uni work but all I want to do is curl up on my bed and sleep...well attempt to sleep. I cant though as I have my level 2 uni modules starting in september and my level 1 that I am on just now doesnt finish until october so my plan is to get level 1 finished before the 1st of sep...that was my plan until the pain has came back with a bang so to speak. I feel so stressed and tired it is unbelievable. I know stress probably isnt good when having/having suspected endo but i feel like i cant control this so i can control how much studying i do.

This post has started to make no sense at all so im going to go and lie down some more.

Thanks for reading :)

Rach xxx

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Hey Rach,

So sorry to hear you are having such a hard time :-( I know what it's like to add exam worry to the stress of feeling awful. If you think you will get any studying done, then it's worth a try, but if you will just end up frustrated and worrying that you're not taking anything in, it might be as well to just read over your material rather than try to do much else, something might stick!

That's great that you've been referred to the hospital, hopefully they'll be able to provide you with a treatment that will make things a bit easier.

Anyway, sorry for just rambling, I just didn't want you to feel that you are alone.

My advice is to have a wee read over your material, get your PJ's and hot water bottle and lie on the couch and watch some Murder She Wrote - always a welcome distraction!

Big hugs!

Emily x


Hey rach

Just echoing Emily's comments really.

I know what it's like to wake up feeling ok so you try and get loads done because you know that the pain free time won't last. It catches up with you eventually :-( I hap to stop going to the gym because afterwards it felt like I was dying!! Now any sort of physical movement is just impossible.

Good news on the gyno referral, hopefully they'll give you some pain meds and / or a surgery date.

Don't stress about the studying, try and fit it in here and there when you feel up to it.

Lots of love xxx


Hi chick,

I know exactly how it feels to stress over Uni work when feeling awful! I was diagnosed with endo after multiple tests and ops throughout my three year degree. If you are really struggling to keep on top of your work can you not speak to someone at your Uni and explain that you are unwell and waiting to see a gyn? My Uni were fab, they were really understanding of the situation I was in and made Things as easy for me as possible. I know it may feel like getting your degree is an impossibility right now but believe me you'll get there! And it will feel fantastic the day your results arrive knowing how hard you've worked to get there!

Good luck with everything andi hope you start to feel better soon.

Emily xxxx


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