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Help please

Does anyone know if there are any places to go for financial help whilst ill and off work? I completed the ESA formd three weeks ago but have heard nothing since, I've just got to finish off the housing benefit forms (although my landlord does not want me to do), I am scared of losing my home after just having major abdominal surgery. The stress is not a good thing, its effecting not only my FMS, CFS, FD, OA, Endo, its not allowing me to get myself well after the op. please any advice would be greatful.

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You must ask your adviser at the Job Centre how you claim is getting on. Chase everything that you send and check if you can, that the right department has received it.

You must treat your claims like a business. Make a note of every person you have conversations with and which department. Keep your own notes of what was said, times and dates. Keep every letter and file it. My partner had to claim ESA benefits and it wasn’t easy. With careful records he could stand his ground when issues arose and make appeals. You can make appeals even if they tell you otherwise. Your money should not stop if you are appealing a decision.

In the short term you can claim for a crisis loan, but you will have to repay it and you can only claim a couple of times in a year. It is not easy and they will need to know everything.

I am sorry to add to your stress- it does come across quiet negative I suppose. I was totally bemused by the process in the first few months. I hope that everything goes well for you. I just felt that I should share a few critical tips with you. I hope you have a good adviser and some mates to help support you.


Thank you. I do keep everything I have to as I have Fibromyalgia and I go through massive fibro fogs and on these days I can hardly remember from one minute to another. I live alone and this is all so stressfull but I guess I can't collapse now. x


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