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Has anyone had any success with Reflexology?

Having been diagnosed with Stage 3-4 endometriosis in March after a laparoscopy, I have just started a 6 month treatment of Decapeptyl SR in an attempt to shrink the nodules by putting myself through a temporary menopause. However, I am interested in Reflexology so just wondering if anyone has any positive stories from having reflexology or any other alternative therapies??

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Hi Joanna

I have tried reflexology in the past and before being diagnosed with endo my reflexologist picked up on my pelvic pain and ovary hotspots but more specifically backache. I had never suffered with back problems in my life but she was adamant she could pick this up from touching my feet. Not long after I saw her I had a lap and endo was confirmed. True enough backache and hip pain has been a constant part of my symptoms.

In the past I had seen a reflexologist for migraines and found this treatment very beneficial. If you are thinking of trying reflexology it is a very calming treatment to have anyway so its definitely worth a try :)


Hi Joanna and Little Miss Manx,

I actually just literally wrote a blog about this very topic yesterday :)

It can be incredibly beneficial for Endometriosis. Check it out:



I know this is a very late reply but I just wanted to thank you for your replies! I have started reflexology and it is a lovely calming treatment but only time will tell if it helps. I have been told that facial reflexology is particularly useful too so am giving that a try. Thanks again x


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