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Endo Cyst returned after laparotomy - on zoladex injections now


I have done a laparotomy in April and after two months my endometriosis cyst returned - size 3.3cms. The doctor has put me on zoladex injection. My first injection was on 15 June and I had my menses on 6 July. Today I did my second injection.

I am a bit worried as I was on zoladex two years ago and did not bleed. Is it normal the bleeding?

How long does it take zoladex to shrink the cyst. anyone has an idea?

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i havent heard of it being used for a cyst but it works well on shrinking the endometriosis so i should think it will work but it takes time are you on it for 3 months or 6 ?


Thanks Learrid for the prompt reply

Am on it for 3 months and then the doctor will do a scan to see if i need to do more. In fact the doctor described it as an endometriosis mass


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