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Pain keeping me up at night may not be endo

I went to the gp today and he said that the pain I described may not be endo-related or if it is it's acting very strange. that my pain is related more to the renal or kidney area. that I might have a kidney stone. it sounds silly but this made me feel great. yes, I know I have endo but the pain i've been experiencing was always so strange and having been to a few doctors now I always felt like once they agreed I had endo they just dismissed me and my symptoms. it was the first time I felt someone was actually listening to me. the funny thing is I went in the office asking for an endo specialist referral. I've gotten so used to not being listened to that when my doctor started asking questions I was a little confused. I don't know what will happen but I have hope that if I get properly diagnosed this pain will be less. lesson I learned is it's always worth waiting longer for the better doctor then assuming they are all the same. wish me luck!

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I'm glad that you've finally managed to get proper attention. And you're right, if you are properly diagnosed it's much easier to treat the pain. Good luck with the next steps!


Thank you Aquitaine!


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