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Hi I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis and an endometrioma cyst on my left ovary. I am in a lot pain especially during my period. I am due to have an operation in sept to remove the cyst and treat the endo but my consultant has said it may not help and i could end up having a hysterectomy!! I have been signed of work for the last 6 weeks due to the intense pain as i have a slightly manual job. My emploers are hassling me to return to work asap but i am scared to go back as each month i am in agony and am doubled over in pain feel like i am going to pass out and often cannot really move from the sofa!! They want me to see the work doctor - not sure what gud ths will do!! Dont know whether to go back to work now or wait till ive had my op. Sorry to go on but i am fed up with the pain and the stress from work. Any advice will be appreciated!

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I'm sorry to hear you're in such pain and you're having to wait to be treated. This time last year I was in a similar situation (chocolate cyst on right ovary with surrounding endo). I had an op end of sep to remove the ovary and excise cut away the endo. The pain was unbearable in the run up and it moved down my legs. The good news is once treated I felt tons better and I've now made a really good recovery. I'm active again, as I tended to have 3 exhausted weeks in a month and one okay week. Pleease try and get another apppointment at the hosp if poss I know it's hard. It will be better once treated. I'm sending healing thoughts your way. Hope you find ways to ease your pain. And work with have to wait see who you need to see!!!


Thank you soooo much for your reply it made me feel so much better as I do not know anyone else who has endo or cysts and I am sure when friends and family hear me complaining about my pain and tiredness - they are sympathetic but I sometimes feel like a fraud because on the outside I look "fine"!!!!

I cannot get another appt as my consultant does not operate in August!! So the earliest they could do was Sept. I am seeing my work doctor and will take their advice on my returning to work and what I am able to do in my job.

Thanks again for your advice.



Just a comment about occupational health, I have been sent there several times, and although they can't investigate for you , they do listen, and if you have a manual job recommend what you can and can't do, which can help, but be slightly wary, obviously they are representing your company too, so don't complain about work etc too much, just try to look at the positive aspects. I was off for 6 weeks recently and was made to feel a scapegoat when I came back as the office staff could not see what was wrong, and most likely had a good gossip. All you can do is try your best, but most importantly, look after your health xx


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