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Labyrinthitis and Endo, how much are they linked?

I'm going through a terrible time with my periods and my Labyrinthitis is back. Does anyone else suffer from Endo and Labyrinthitis? I have been reading that the menstrual cycle, along with hormones can affect you if you suffer with Labyrinthitis. What else health wise is linked to Endo and what can I have wrong with me :0(

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funny you have said that... i am pretty sure that i had labyrinthitis couple of months ago and i am sure if it is linked with Endo... but labyrinthitis can be caused by stressed.. have you looked it up?? or ask the Doc or Gynae if they are linked and i am going to ask that next time i see the docs...

also i was suffering with dizzy spells for on and off for 5 months after i had the polyps removal years ago and i went for test and all that and no one told me what it is and then i had it again couple of months ago as a 1 off... i hope it was labyrinthitis and i was angry the whole symptoms of that was i had years ago and no one came up with that... it was awful big time and i hate it as i was never sick but always so tired...

so hope you are ok though


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