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Anyone have any advice for dealing with shorter intervals and more pain for periods?

My endo has been sort of under control for quite a while but today I started bleeding again for the third 'period' in about 6 weeks. Pain and other symptoms have also been getting worse. I'm worried endo is spreading and affecting bowel and bladder but dread starting the whole process again of referral to consultant, waiting lists for surgery etc. Any thoughts, words of comfort. lol

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i would say you need to go back to your GP because bleeding three times in 6 weeks is going to be taking its toll if nothing else... you could be anemic and your pain needs to be monitored.

In the mean time all I can suggest is using pain relief and using complimentary methods like massage, aromatheraputic warm baths etc

Its horrible having to go through the process of referrals and waiting but the sooner you let them know about this the sooner they can take action xxx

hugs xx


Thanks. I know that I really do need to see the doctor. Will make the appointment. And will start running a lovely bath now!


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