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Is any one on zoladex

Hi I'm waiting to start me first course of zoladex as I had a lap in November last year and my pains started up again in January it took me 3 months to see my gyna and they have put me on this as its to soon to have another lap. I'm a bit worried as I don't know what to expect and I've not even been given any info on endo could any one help spread some light as I'm quite worried as I'm only 23.

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Hi Zow89,

I've had 2 course of Zoladex now, and for me it was a godsend! However, everyone is different and no two people cope with it the same way. Keep that in mind.

It works by stopping the production of female hormone oestrogen, thus giving the Endo a chance to dry up and shrink ready for surgery.

It puts your body into a temporary state of menopause so you may get the normal side affects... hot flushes, vaginal dryness, pain at the injection site, sore breasts etc. This is only temporary and can be easily managed with a mild HRT..I had Livial and it was brilliant. The hospital should be able to send a referral through to your Dr to prescribe it for you if you ask. Another tip is taking a High Strength Starflower oil capsule, you can get one with primrose oil also in it and this can be brilliant. Takes about a month to get into the system though.

Your periods can also take a little while to get back to normal after you stop it.

You can find out more info on the net, but make sure you put its for Endo, as this treatment is also used in other illnesses, such as prostrate cancer for men.

I really hope this works for you, as it can give you a few months of relief from your periods which is a god send!!!

Good luck. Keep us posted xxx


Hi I'm 24. I've been on Zoladex for nearly a year now and I've seen a HUGE difference. I'm in less pain and not as tired. I feel more like me again and I've even started working again after2 years off work due to Endo.

I also volunteer for Endometriosis UK. There website has lots of information, even some for Zoladex and shows you where you can go to groups. It also has a good telephone service if you need to talk to someone too.

Hope this has helped, if you wana chat just let me know :)



Thank you both I started it yesterday and I'm on HRT so I just gota wait and see I have foud that I'm really tired today had a few mild hot flushes but it's gota be better than than the pain.


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