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could i have endo??

I have most of the symptoms and looking back have suffered for some degree since a teenager! I always have pain in my tummy and the last four months since i gave up breastfeeding i have had a constant period! have been prescribed Northisterone and am awaiting a scan to check for cysts. I had an ectopic pregnancy and had a very large cyst and my tube removed. when I came round my doctor said something about me having endo... but being drugged up from the anestehtic (sp) i can remember the whole conversation. anyway i also have constant lower back pain which at the moment is being sort of managed with strong co-codamol which only make sthe pains a little easier to cope with but am still on pain. and since i can remember have always had the runs (sorry tmi) when having a period and pain during sex and the last 4 months if i have had a break in bleeding and try to have sex with oh It causes more heavier bleeding! have had a recent smear and my gp checked for infections including clamydia and ghoneria and all came back negative.

don't really know what replies i want from this post but feel better writing it down andif anyone has any advice for me appreciated!!!

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It sounds like you could have Endo from some of the symptoms you described although the constant bleeding could be something else. If your doctor mentioned it, even in passing it's worth having it looked into. There's no harm in asking your doctor outright either. Might be best to go and see your gyno rather than just a GP though. Good luck!


Hi -

Sorry to hear you've had a rough time. This could be endometriosis, although it's possible that it's something else. Definitely worth getting checked.

Endometriosis is difficult to diagnose, so see a gynacologist and be prepared to be persistent if they don't answer your questions. There is some good material on the internet (eg. the Endometriosis UK site) about questions you should ask, and how to take a clear record of your symptoms.

Good luck!


Hi well I would say yes I've just been told I have it I'm now 38 and like you suffered with everything you have listed since my teens, when I have my period it's like a illness I'm bed ridden can't use tampon it's not worth it and I think they give me more pain, I also have to sleep on a towel as leak through pads (sorry tmi) all that helps is hot water bottle i take tramodol but am used to them now so they dont work it's so hard to hold down a job and I dnt get sick pay.


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