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return of periods after prostap?

hi all. i had my last 3month prostap injection at the begining of april nd it du to run out at the end of june. i was just wondering how long i should epect to b waiting for a peiod to start? i know ive got plenty of time til then, but i always like to have the info well in advance.

thanks x

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Hi Tracie - unfortunately, there isn't a definitive answer. Some people start their periods again the following month, others wait a few months, and most are somewhere in between. It's a wait and see situation.

I had my last injection in March and I am still waiting, although all of the signs lead me to believe it will be in the next week or so - I'd forgotten all about these sore boobs!!

Good luck x


Tracie i was 2 months before i started mine i had 6 of the injections over an 18 month period.

Good Luck.

Carol. x


Had my last injection August 15th 2011 and 1st period since injection was 22nd October and was not painful at all like it used to be :) but then every woman is different. x


thanks for replying girls. saw my consultant on 30th may n she said the same. although she doesn't think that my current pain n problems are endo related anymore. i find this very strange as the pains n problems i'm having are the same as tey have alwas been. for some reason she doesn't seem to b listening to me very well when i repeatedly tell her that these pains are the period pains i've had since my very 1st period when i was 9. have either of you ran into any similar problems at all? i'm also on waiting list for 3rd laproscopy and i'm having the marina coil fitted at the same time as well. so glad uv had some relief of your pain as well zolta and hope you're pain has eased carol x


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