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Endo journey and new job

Hi my periods started heavily at age 11. I started getting bad pain not long after but was only ever looked after by stomach doctors, no gyna.

Eventually I did see a gyna after bleeding every day for 2 years. He said that there was nothing wrong with me and discharged me.

Since then after 10 years of suffering and being wrongly diagnosed with IBS and chronic pain I got my Endo diagnosis. I've now had 6 laps and am looking at more in the future.

I'm only 23 so I feel my Endo journey still has a long way to go but I'm now very lucky to have to great gynacologists and a brilliant GP.

I haven't worked in 2 years due to Endo and I'm on morphine patches but I really hope to come off them soon as I've started having zoladex injections which have helped ease the pain but unfortunately done nothing for my extreme tiredness.

But jm very lucky as I've had great support from Endo uk and the support they've given me is invaluable. I urge you to become a member to help them continue there support and help get more info from them.

I have been very lucky and my church has offered me a job in their new cafe which I cannot wait to start but I'm so nervous that my Endo is going to stop my living my life again. But I'm going to give it my best shot. I won't let this horrible disease win :)

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Hello, it sounds like you have a bad few years fingers crossed it starts to pick up from now. It could be the morphine patches making you tired, so when you come off them you have notice a difference in your energy. I hope your new job goes well and the pain stays away. Love rachel xx


Thank you :)


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