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So confused :((((

Hello endo sisters hope ur all having a endo free pain day :) just wonted what u all think I've suffed for about 7-8 years 5 years ago I had a lap and was told I had endo on my bowel ( she said it had died ) to me I didn't think it dose die anyway the surgeon made me feel small and it was all in my head so after I couldn't wait to get out of there, so I put it bck to the bck of my mind for a wk or so had no pain but since then I hav suffed with pain bck to the doctors many times changed doctors twice in and out of a & e had scenes tryed lods of things like pill, injection once a mouth in my belly for 6 mouths brought on menopause (witch help me no pain thats y my gyno side i had differnt endo ) had the Mirena coil that made it worse had the seen a gyno lods of times now got to c another gyno b4 thay give me a hysterectamy so thay tell me I hav endo am 99 per cent I hav it the only thing am confused about that I read lods on here and others sites that most lady's know what stage there at and that 2 or more laps b4 thay get to tha hysterectamy stage just would like to know how much I got and to differly know do u know what I mean lol hope u all understand where am coming from ( am driving my husband crazy lol he's so understanding am lucky cus he knows what I've bin though day to day ) thanks for reading this know I hav gone on thanks again x

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hi hun - don't really know what to say except everyone on here will know kind of how you are feeling, it seems so many of us are fighting with the docs to get ourselves sorted or at least for some relief from it all.



Thanks for leaving a comment, relief from it all ur right tied I guess it's plays on our minds can't get away from it x


Hey I think it just depends on each different case. I've had 6 laps and only once been asked about hysterectomy.

I know it sometimes feels that we have to fight so hard to get our point across but it will be worth it in the end.

Have you tried Endometriosis UK for support??? They offer a telephone service if you have questions you need answered and have info packs you can download.

Hope this is of some help :)


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