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Start of my diagnosis journey!!

I finally took the plunge yesterday and went to the doctors to talk about my pain during my period. My doctor was amazing really understanding and really easy to talk too.

Right background! I am 24 married and have 2 beautiful daughter who are 4 and 3. My monthly cycle has always been a painful and heavy experience. I suffer from intense cramps and really heavy bleeding. For years I have just put this down as normal. Tried transamenic acid to lessen the flow but the pain only got worse.

After the birth of my second daughter things got really painful but being the stubborn goat I am just plugged on with it. My husband got really annoyed with me just getting on with it and encouraged me to go to the doctors yesterday.

Like I said she was amazing didn't try and fob me off. She is referring me for a scan to rule out fibroids or ovarian cysts but she is pretty certain it's endometriosis.

So come with me on my journey and I look forward to finding out how you all cope with things!!

Lots of love

Endopixi xx

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Hi Endopixi (fab name, by the way!)

I am SO glad to hear that your doctor was so understanding, it's so encouraging that GPs seem to be coming round to endo now. Also, it's always half the battle when you're working with people who you know are on your side.

Good luck with the scan and I look forward to hearing how you get on :)

Chrissie xxxx


ditto to this!! x


Hi - glad you on the way to getting the help that you need. There are many different treatments on offer and many different levels of experience of treating endo amonst the consultants. We are all going through been there so feel free if any of us can help. Let us know how you go. Best wishes. Fran x


Thanks ladies! It's a relief knowing I am not alone! Got my scan date through for 30 April so here's goes! Xx


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