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Bowel endo?? Whats the symptoms? Has anyone had major bowel surgery?

Just wondering ladies what are the symptoms u mite hav had with bowel endo? Im constantly constipated and even more so at a certain time ov the month, just seems completely blocked/stuck... im now onto day 6 ov no bowel movements and taken ducolax (2/3 tablets) every nite for the last 3 nights with no joy! My tummy is still quite soft but so swollen, i feel sick and feel so much pressure on my lower back...can anyone giv any advice pls?? Xxx

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I suffer with constipation, lower back ache, constant nausea and my stomach can swell up to three times its normal size after eating. Being new to all this I'm not too sure how much of that is related to the endo though as I always thought that it was normal. What do you class as major surgery? I know it took my surgeon an hour and 15 mins to remove my endo and apperently it should have taken 30 mins. After surgery I was very relucant to pass any bowel movements due to the pain but 8 weeks after surgery I'm great now and I go at least once every two days :).


I suffer from constipation and diarrhoea, painful bowel movements, lower back pain, nausea and rectal bleeding during my period. It's probably an obvious thing but I make sure if I'm feeling blocked up I increase my fibre and water intake x


hi i had all of the symptoms you are talking about when i went for my op the endo had stuck my bowels to my ovary which they separated now i still have problems with my bowels


Hi laura,

Are you still getting the same problem? I'm experiencing similar problems. had a lap and mirena coil in march and although gynae symptoms better I'm increasingly getting worse bowel symptoms. Just can't go to loo at the moment and feeling very bloated with pain on right side and back pain. At least gp has referred me to UCLH endo centre so hopefully it will be sorted. Have you ahd any treatmen?


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