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Can anyone refer to what I'm going through thankyou

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I have just turned 50 and have entrometrosis and fibroids as well,im going through a very hard time with pain at the moment,and had to take time off work,I've ended up in a& e 5 times this year with the pain,just to be sent home with pain relief,and they don't know what the problem is,I had my last op around 8 yrs ago,but I know it's all growing again,I wentbaround 7 yrs ago to hav a baby on my own,as I wasn't in a relationship,has anyone else done this on their own and do u know how it's works Thankyou,think I'm just at the stage where I'm telling the doc to take it all out but done want to give up on the idea of having a baby,I was told by a gynecologist doc 9 yrs ago that I would probably niscarry,and there would be a lot of complications

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I'm so sorry to hear all of this. It definitely sounds like it's endo again. It is a progressive disease and may always come back. Have you had a fertility test? That should be discussed at your next gyno appointment. The emergency services won't correctly diagnose this disease because MRIs and ultrasounds don't show the lesions. Endo is the #1 most misdiagnosed disease in the world (I am in America and it's the same over here). You must make an appointment with the gyno to discuss your symptoms. I hope things get better!

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