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Periods after BOTH ovaries and tubes removed WTF?!?!

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help anyone!

i had both ovaries and tubes removed a few months ago now.

And now…. Boom I’m having periods! Feels like some sort of sick joke. You’d imagine this could be anatomy physically impossible 🤷🏽‍♀️


i went to GP during my first cycle so she changed my HRT.

now, would you believe it, 28 days later…… Mother Nature is here again.

Please tell me I am not some sort of alien from mars????

Any help or advice much appreciated 😭

7 Replies
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Go back to your doctor asap and asked to be referred urgently. While it is likely the endo causing the bleeding, it could be something else.

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sounds like a break through bleed from the HRT

This happened to me after starting HRT

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JH21 in reply to Ruby1221

what was your resolution? If you don’t mind me asking?

Because I’m currently crippled over in agony. Can’t see my doc til Tuesday! 😭

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That is very strange. It can't be an actual period can it? I second blubug you need to call your gynae and get an appt right away, I think this can happen when there is an infection or other issue with the womb.

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bluebug in reply to Avourneen

No you can't have a period if you have no ovaries.

Sounds like endo , HRT breakthrough bleed or another issue . Talking through with medics to eliminate anything more disturbing is important

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you shouldn’t be bleeding in surgical menopause. See doctor and ask to be checked. I have had both ovaries and tubes removed and periods stopped completely after second ovary was removed. I’m on hrt, but when I had some minor bleeding I was referred for a hysteroscopy to check my uterus. All was fine.

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