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Hello to all our members

We are so pleased to have you all as members of our community. It is wonderful to see people supporting one another, sharing their experiences and providing information and insight into all aspects of endometriosis. It is an important resource for everyone with endometriosis and we want to ensure that it is a safe and welcoming space for all our members.

We would like to remind you all of our Code of Conduct, this can be found on our website The main points are:

• The forum should be a positive and supportive space; please do not use language or engage in behaviour that is offensive to others.

• Please do not ask for, or provide recommendations, of health professionals or hospitals on the forum.

• Any medical advice you receive on the forum does not constitute professional medical advice. Please see your GP if you have worries or concerns.

• Please don’t post pictures of surgical wounds or used sanitary wear.

• Please consider whether any link you are posting is from a reputable source, this would normally be the Endometriosis UK website, the NHS and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

• We don’t allow posts to endometriosis support groups/organisations that are not part of the Endometriosis UK support network

• Any spam will be deleted without notice

• Please don’t post petitions, surveys or recruitment for research studies without checking with Endometriosis UK first.

Please help to keep this forum a safe and welcoming space for all our members.

Thank you

Endometriosis UK

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