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Manchester meet up

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I am keen to meet fellow endo sufferers.

My boyfriend and friends are amazing but I feel like I need to talk to people who understand what I've been through/going through.

I want to comfortably share my journey and discuss the effects endo has had on my body and the effects that's then had on my life.

If you're interested let me know...

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What a good idea organising something Where abouts in Manchester are you considering X


Maybe city centre...usually middle ground for a lot of people.

Where are you based?

Not far from Wigan what about you? Xx

Moving to Wigan in 4.5 weeks! How amazing.At the minute I'm in wardley, so swinton way x

Fabulous I hope the move goes well whereabouts are you moving to? X

Don't know the area too well but it's Hawkley Hall area. You nearby? X

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Hi Shanice23

This is a fab idea! I don't know if you're already aware, Endometriosis UK run local support groups across the country led by volunteers who also have endo. There is one in Manchester which you could join if interested. The details are here:

It currently states that there isn't an upcoming meeting, but if you click on the link to join the FaceBook group, there might be more information there or you could contact the group leaders to ask when the next meeting might be.

Hope it helps.


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Shanice23 in reply to claudia_91

Hey lovely.

I have seen this before. I missed the last one in March because I had to teach a yoga class.

But it is something I'll keep my eye on.

Are you Manchester based too? X

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claudia_91Moderator in reply to Shanice23

Hey Shanice23

Great that you know about the endo support groups. I'm in Essex unfortunately, would've loved to have joined you if a bit closer!

Connecting with people who understand what it's like to live with endo is so worth it. Hope you find that one way or another 😊

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