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I have my op tomorrow

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Absolutely crapping my pants!!

I feel so on edge.

I’m so praying I can come home the same day;and not kept in for any Reason: i have to be at hospital for 12.


I’m in the UK, just want it done now and over xx

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I love your honesty about how you feel. Sending you all the best good vibes and love 💗

Well done for all the things you e had to go through to get here. Let us know how your recovery goes. We are here for you lovely ☺️

No point in beating about the bush 😆

Thank you so much!

I will keep u updated. 😊

Bless you! I have my op on Friday and my anxiety is really starting to ramp up now too, I’ve been advised I’ll be in overnight 😫 it’s my second laparoscopy but I was in early and out by tea last time! Wishing you all the best and fingers crossed you’re allowed home, just remember you’ll be in the best hands and for a short term influx of pain hopefully longer term pain free times will come!

Oh bless ya. I’m the same! I keep thinking about it all and getting anxious. I feel sort of lost like I dnt even no how to start preparing for it.

Oh how comes it’ll be over night this time 😢

I hope we both get some long term relief this time 🤞🏼🤞🏼💗💗

I say you deserve a pamper night to help ease your stress! I know I’ll be having a bubble bath on Thursday night! It’s overnight due to them doing a little more digging, and flushing all my tubes as I’d like to attempt to get pregnant 🤞🏼

Aw fingers crossed for u!!

Yeah I’m gona try I’m finding it hard to function keep getting butterflies!!

I got an outfit for the morning to wear something baggy. And my dressing gown for after. Not really sure on anything else I need to take 😔 feel so confused n sad lol c

Hope it all goes well & wishing you a speedy recovery <3

Hey, I have mine in just under 2 weeks and I’m terrified too! I’ve never had surgery or anything like that. I’ll have my fingers crossed that you can go home on the same day, I’m hoping I won’t have to stay in either! Xx

It’s so nerve wracking isn’t it!! I keep trying to get some rest but my butterflies won’t let me feel so so sick and anxious. Good luck to u for yours. It’s nice to come on here and be able to talk to people going thru the same thing, No1 I no has it so it makes it very lonely.

Fingers crossed u can go home on the day of yours and it goes well, keep me updated.

I will let u no how mine goes tomo and hopefully it’ll rest ur mind a little xx

I also have my first lap tomorrow and am super nervous. Have to be in for 7am - considering I'm not a morning person I'm even worried about having to get up at 5am :P

I've just packed a little overnight bag just in case that my husband can drop off if need be but told I should be home by the evening tomorrow. All I've really got to take with me in the morning is some loose/comfy clothes, some pads and a book and my phone to distract me whilst waiting :P

Sending you lots of good wishes for yours and hope it helps/gives you the answers you need! xxx

Good luck to you. I was really happy I got the 12pm appointment I couldn’t handle the worry of getting up even earlier 😂

I hope it goes well. So far I have packed baggy t shirt and dressing gown.

I didn’t think of pads so thanks for tht.

I will pack them. And also a book didn’t think of that either.

Sending u lots of love and wishes.

And u manage to find relief afterwards, xxx

Haha yeah the early start will be something 😂

You too! Sending lots of love and good wishes xxx

I can honestly say that nothing will be as bad as you expect it to be. I had a hysterectomy on 27th May and am feeling so much better already.

That said, I was very anxious beforehand and it was very apparent as I fainted pre-op when they took a blood sample. But the nurses were so kind it helped to relax me before anaesthetic which I think really helped with after.

My advice is try to relax as much as possible. Do some meditation and deep breathing tonight and in the morning.

I hope everything goes well for you x

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Littleone88 in reply to Fuzzyk

Thank u so much.

I will try the deep breathing and mediation.

Im hoping I go in at 12 and don’t sit around too long that’ll be the worst 🥺😢 xx

Also take a pillow for the car journey home for the seatbelt!

Good luck!I was able to go home the same day.

Got to the hospital for 11am, was getting put to sleep at 2pm, out of surgery at half 4, and was discharged at around 10pm even with a 2hr drive home!

Remember to take it easy and be kind on yourself.

Oh wow; that’s some going isn’t it bless ya.

Thank you. 💕 I hope I get the same sort of thing happen. Xx

Good luck❤️ Remember fluffy pyjamas are the best!

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Littleone88 in reply to nhbd

Oh yes , fluffy pjs r the best 💕 xxx

Hi! No need to worry. I know that it is easier said than done, but think of the advantages afterwards. Also, I stayed in the hospital over night and I recommend staying in if you can, purely to make sure that you're alright post op. The nurses/doctors will be looking after you. Everything will be fine! X

Thank you, I no it’s the best place to be, I just hate being in them especially with Covid around, so scary.

The advantages r the only things keeping me positive and wanting to do this. I hope it helps I really do xx

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Fuzzyk in reply to Littleone88

I can honestly say don’t worry about COVID. I understand your concerns, but don’t let it increase the anxiety.

The hospitals have strict measures in place. For example I had to self isolate before for 3 days and then was placed on a green ward, which meant everyone else had done the same. All the hospital staff are regularly tested and always wear PPE. I had to wear a mask constantly and always felt safe.

Hope it goes well for you and everyone having surgery this week! I felt exactly as you do when I had mine back in Jan, very anxious and determined to go home the same day. It didn't happen as my surgery was later in the day and longer than planned but you know what... When you've had I sort of felt it didn't matter, youre sleepy anyway, they made sure I was on top of my pain relief and I actually felt that in itself helped speed my recovery. For me the waiting was by far the worst part :) my top tip is take some mint tea in or peppermint cordial, helps ease windy pains afterwards xx

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Littleone88 in reply to Bbzx

Thank you so much, ever so anxious this morning. Times going so slow. Another hour and half before I can venture down to the hospital. Xx

Morning, I had mine 2 weeks ago (tomorrow). I had the fear too. I had to be at the hospital for 12 pm. To be honest although I was really nervous (I'm a very anxious person) I was ok, it was when I got on the ward where I had my melt down. The floods of tears came. I had a really lovely nurse who calmed me down and talked me through everything. I was told I was first on the list, so had all vitals taken, what I'd like to eat (I picked a cheese sandwich and juice), and given my socks and gown. Make sure you have your dressing gown and slippers. My consultant then came to see me which actually calmed me because it was someone familiar, I cried, we smiled and she told me everything will be ok! I went to theatre at 2 pm... spoke to the antheastist about a holiday and how pretty her eyeshadow looked (she had bright eyeshadow and I commented) and the next thing a few hours later I was back on the ward! I don't recall but apparently my consultant came to see me on the ward to tell me how the procedure went and what was done... still to this day I don't remember seeing her, I asked a nurse to explain to me and told me everything and gave me the form with all the details on. I stayed on the ward for a while, just until I was more alert, had my sandwich and a wee, and then home I left the hospital about 830. Sent home with a pack full of pain killers, a letter for my doc, new dressings and leaflets. Make sure you have a pillow for you journey home to protect your tummy from the seat belt. I know its easy for me to say now not to worry so much, but I'm saying it because you will be ok! I am the worst person for worrying, I was petrified of the whole experience the what ifs etc, but my experience went really well and I am so glad I went through with it (well needed to).

You will be ok... you have got this!! 💖

Thank you so much for ur detailed explanation I feel so so worried today, I just wanna get there and get it done but times going so slowly, waiting around definitely has to be the worst part so far.

It’s upsetting to see the amount of us that have had this done or waiting to have this done.

I have the pillow ready & waiting in the car for me, oh gosh. I just want today over 😩

Thank you so much xx 💕

Oh bless you huni, I'm guessing you are there now. it's only natural to be feeling like you are. Hopefully the waiting isn't too long for you. Try do little things to occupy your mind. I took a book and listened to my music. Everything will be ok, we are all here, thinking of you 💞💪

Wishing you the best of luck. Just try keep yourself occupied before with an iPad, word puzzles or a book whilst you are waiting. Afterwards then you only have 2-4 hours to rest then you can go home. I wasn’t allowed home because my bladder wouldn’t work but when you wee it’s a big tick in the nurses book! X

Ok I’ll try keep that in mind, try get a nice big wee out. I have little children at home I just hate being apart from them 🥺 xx

I hope everything goes smoothly for you tomorrow and you have a good gentle recovery. Don’t forget essentials like phone charger, toothbrush and maybe some cartons of drink you like and snacks (I always take grapes lol). Take it slow afterwards and let yourself heal, good luck! Iv got my second op in a few weeks too so know how your feeling x

Thank you 😊 just packed some snacks canr forget them 😆 good luck with your second 🤞🏼💗 xx

Hope everything goes ok for you tomorrow takecare, dont worry to much .

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Littleone88 in reply to Bluesea7

Thank you so much 💕

Hope everything goes ok for you. I know exactly how you feel I'm going in at the end of this week and feel so sick with anxiety. It's my first lap so diagnosis and treatment and the worst thing for me is not knowing what they'll find and what they'll do and how long the recovery will be. Sounds silly but I'm terrified they'll find nothing and I'll not have a resolution or it's all in my head. I'm supposed to be at work but can't concentrate and they are really not being supportive at all.

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Littleone88 in reply to Jaxte

I’m in exactly the same boat,

They see chocolate cysts in my overies so there 99% sure I have endo, but this is my first: and I’m also thinking. What if they don’t find it.. or find something else.; petrifying!

Oh bless ya, try relax, fingers crossed for u, that u find some answers and relief. Pls let me no how it goes. I will tell u how it was. When I’m ok. I pray it won’t be as bad as my head has me thinking. I’m sat waiting to leave for hospital sweating buckets Xx

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Jaxte in reply to Littleone88

That's exactly my thought process! My consultant said she'd be very surprised if they don't find endo and she's very experienced but I still keep doubting it.

Good luck with your operation doing wishing you a very speedy recovery. Appreciate you letting me know how you are when you can! Thank you for writing this post too its good to know I'm not the only one feeling like this. x

Good luck and you will be fine, it’s not as bad as you think. I was in overnight and it was the best place for me 💗

Thank you, that’s what I’m telling myself, if I have to stay it’s for good reasons. Fingers crossed still tho I don’t 😆 xx

Hope all goes well. If you have time download a few podcasts or mindless games to pass the time. If you can get some peppermint tea for wind and some boiled sweets in case your throat is sore. I would advise dried fruit kewis plums peaches etc plus yogurt and soups as simple foods which should prevent constipation

Hey I hope things go well!I was kept in over night at mine (due to delays and not finishing surgery til 6pm) and it was the best thing in the end as I felt so sick and the nurses were able to help me so much more than if I was at home….and also you get 2 rounds of biscuits ! 😄

Hi Littleone88, good luck and hope everything goes well for u xx

Good luck I hope it all went well for you and now you can rest and binge watch telly while you are healing take care xx

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