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Recovery after laparoscopy

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I had my lap and treatment done for Endo on Monday, how long has it taken you ladies to recover? My stomach is still very swollen, I’m still in lots of pain but mostly shoulders and under my ribs, all I do is sleep or cry, I’ve been reading online the gas should leave your body within a couple of days? Should I be up and about by now? How can I speed things up? They also found i was very constipated which they prescribed lactulose for but to no avail yet! I can’t seem to eat anything it makes me feel sick n pain worse! I’m shivering even though it’s not cold feel very useless and low x

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Are you moving around much? Discomfort/pain is normal - some has cut you & fiddled about inside also blown up your tummy with CO2 gas. A lot of discomfort is caused by wind so moving around will help as well as peppermint tea/cordial or sweets help relieve it. Lactulose is good as long as your taking it regularly even if you go a small amount, but if your not eating you may struggle as something needs to encourage everything through!. Important drink loads of water/squash avoid tea/coffee/coke even diet as they dehydrate you more. Try eating apricots & prunes as they help also liquorice. I think once you’ve been to the loo a few times you will feel a lot better. Painkillers usually constipate you more so be careful. You can buy over the counter laxatives such as senna, ducosate which are effective but drinking is soo important. Good luck & hope it eases

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I’m trying too I walk up n down the stairs or constant toilet trips throughout the day but I go dizzy n lightheaded :( I’m drinking water and peppermint tea for fun, I take the lactulose twice daily as instructed they said the codeine can cause constipation so today I’ve been trying to manage with just paracetamol, I’m trying to force myself to eat but it makes the gas pain worse and I just feel so full, I think I may try senna I’ve never wanted to “go” so much in my life 🙈 Thankyou x

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ccsmith in reply to Jay1302

Good luck I hope you settle soon. Try Ibrufen it doesn’t constipate. And maybe 1 codeine & 1 paracetamol which will may increase the pain disease. Increase the fluids a bit more and maybe soups rather than food! Also massage your belly as much as you can tolerate in a circular motion.

Hi. Breathing in and lying on the side that was painful made it worse for me. Try lying on the opposite side in bed at night. During the day try being up and about.

Feeling cold is a side effect of the anaesthetic I think. It lasted about 4 days for me.

Try light things(like soup) to eat with no grease to minimise nausea and drink plenty of water. Docusate(bought easily otc) is a good softening laxative and makes it easier for you to go.

Try not to look at your scars and get someone else to change your dressings, otherwise your nausea may get worse.

Hope some of that helps and that you recover soon. Xx

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I feel like I’m being a bit of a wimp! I walk about but when I do anything I go dizzy n lightheaded n being home alone I get a bit worried. I’m going to get my partner to pick up some senna I think I’ll feel much better when I can go. I have to go to my practice nurse on 4th for dressing to be removed. Thankyou x

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Sunshine268 in reply to Jay1302

Everyone is different, you will get there :-).

If they took any endometriosis off your bowel then senna wouldn't be recommended. Senna stimulates the bowel and therefore makes recovery of the bowel difficult.

Codeine is a well known culprit for constipation, nausea and dizziness.

Ibuprofen alongside reg paracetamol may help as an alternative, but see for people that can't have it - your pharmacist should advise. And always take it after food.

Dizziness- Definitely more water and try clenching your fists and moving your legs and feet before you get up and getting up slowly. It helps to send the blood to the brain.

All the best. I hope for a speedy recovery for you xx

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