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Flaxseed oil and endometriosis?


Hello, I’m thinking of taking Rain Soul and Core Seed Oils but they have Flaxseed oil in them, I have read so much conflicted advice but I’m scared to rock the boat as my Endo pain is manageable at the moment.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Hi, I take milled flaxseed every day to help avoid constipation from my pain meds. I've found it works very well for that purpose. May I ask what it is you've read about flaxseed oil that's giving you pause?

Hi, thank you for your reply. That makes sense and I could probably benefit from that too (if that’s not too much information)

I’ve read that the ligans in the flaxseed are best not to be taken if you are hormonally sensitive and as it’s plant oestrogen it could stimulate the endometriosis.

I’m also Peri menopausal so would benefit from what else I’ve read about the benefi of flaxseed oil.

Here’s one of the websites I looked at:


I tried Flaxseeds a few months ago. I have IBS associated with endo. Flaxseeds gave me diarrhoea and nasty tummy aches, so I stopped. I am not sure about Chia seeds either. Stay safe.

Thank you. I’ve decided to try the blend that doesn’t have Flaxseed oil. I used to Chia seeds, didn’t have any side effects. Have you?

I have tried the chia seeds I soaked them beforehand as requested as otherwise it could cause intestinal obstruction and I think my body may have reacted, I may try again. I may also be extra sensitive to oestrogen. Have a nice day and stay safe.

oh I didn't know that when I used to eat them. I used to have chia seeds dry with my cereal and juice (don't like milk). They were horrible when they got soggy, felt like I was eating frogspawn.

Oh, that's really interesting! Thanks for letting me know! I'll try coming off them for a week and see if anything changes!

I started taking flax seed oil and the dose was way too strong for me I was having awful symptoms. So maybe start with just using ground flax in your food as it’s more gentle at a lower concentration. I take ground flax with no adverse symptoms.

BlueSky20 in reply to A1LIN

Thank you, that's good advice. Thanks

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