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Any advice for my first laparoscopy? Fears and worries not going to find anything


Hi ladies hope you’re all well. I have been suffering with symptoms of abdominal pain, lower back pain, bleeding between periods and after sex for 3 years. I have yet to be diagnosed and it has been an emotional and hard journey of having no answers and suffering without a solution. I had my first gyno apt today where the consultant was so nice and understanding she has scheduled me in for a laparoscopy in a few months time to test for a diagnosis. Although this was the most ideal outcome I wanted I can’t help but feel scared and worried now if they do find something and I do have endo or they don’t find anything at all and I’m left with no answers. I of course want to know if i have endo but now I’m feeling scared and worried and that I’d rather not know as I’m worried about having children in future and things like that. I suppose I’m just wondering if anyone else felt like this their first time having one or if there is any advice on how to prepare for surgery before and after? Thank you :)

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Hi, I felt very much like this. I was also super scared they wouldn't find anything and that the pain was in my head! Happily, I was diagnosed and am just managing my pain currently.

A big tip for right after the surgery: have the person driving you home bring a pillow. That way you can use the pillow to keep the seatbelt from pressing your abdomen. Make sure you don't push yourself too hard the first few days and then try to go for short walks in the days after. It will hurt to walk to start with, so build up slowly and listen to your body.

Most of all, at all times, take care and be compassionate with yourself, regardless of the diagnosis. Be kind to yourself and look after mind and body. 💛

Thank you so much for your reply. I will definitely take on board all your advice. I hope you’re doing well after your surgery

I know that feeling! I just had my surgery last Monday, and my biggest fear was that they would find nothing, so nothing would be able to be fixed. But luckily my doctor did find mild endo which was burnt off. I tried not to think about it too much in the lead up, and for afterwards just take it slow. I thought the recovery would be pretty quick (don’t know why 🤣) but it’s been slower than I expected. I couldn’t work from home for the rest of the week as I was too sore and out of it on endone, and I didn’t leave the house until Sunday and even that was a struggle! I’ve gotten a lot better this week though and have been fine to work from home and am going back to the office tomorrow. My belly button is still quite sore but my other two incisions are pretty good. I imagine that if the endo and surgery was more extensive the recovery would be harder too. So basically my advice is don’t expect too much from yourself too quickly, and take each day slowly!

I’m in a similar situation to you I have been having constant pain and problems now for a while however the gps and consultant I have seen have not been understanding at all and made me feel like I’m making it all up. I was eventually booked in for a lap (very reluctantly) and was told roughly 3 months...after 4 months I phoned and was told another 8 month wait!!! I’ve given up with that avenue and gone private. Have a consultation tomorrow now! My biggest fear is they do the surgery and find nothing 😕 as silly as it sounds I’m just at the stage now of needing answers. I do t want to end up back at square one as it takes so long to get to this stage! Hopefully you’re seen soon and get the answers you need x


I’m so sorry to hear of your situation I really hope your apt with the private consultant goes well and you get a diagnosis. I will keep you posted as to when I have my op and what they find. Fingers crossed for the both of us! Wish you all the good health and luck xo

Yeah let me know how you get on! Wishing you luck! x

Hi! I had mine on the 17th Feb and was also totally convinced they wouldn’t find anything - but they did. It will be fine. If you’re susceptible to nausea / travel sickness etc like I am then tell the anaesthetist - I was sick as a dog after my surgery and it took a while to get it under control. One plus side, I didn’t really get gas pains - I did initially but they soon stopped it. The next few days I drank gallons of peppermint tea, flavoured sparkling water and slept upright.

Get some wind ease / wind settlers too (boots / holland and Barret, I got mine in Wilko)

Good luck with everything and shout if you have any specific questions :) x

Hey, thanks so much for the reply. Are you feeling better now post op? I will definitely take all your advice on board! Hope you’re well!

I'm exactly the same! My lap is tomorrow!! First lap found small ruptured cyst no Endo but general surgeon did lap. Went back gyne found Endo! But didn't remove it! Had further surgery to remove. 4th lap had cyst removed. 11 years later .... Here I go again with even more fear not going to find Endo or anything as scans come back normal even though pain and heavy bleeding!! It's nerve racking!

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