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Hints and tips for my first laparoscopy?

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I’m having my first laparoscopy on Monday for official diagnosis and hopefully to remove any endo that they find - and to see the extent of what’s going on really! Any hints and tips for a first laparoscopy and what to expect? I have been waiting so long for this and I’m terrified they might not find anything and I’ll be back to square one. What’s it like after it happens? Please help!

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Hey honey

I had exactly those fears too. I had my laparoscopy just over three weeks ago and turns out they found a fair bit of endo.

So, things to expect, hints and tips

- LOTS of loose clothing. I only wore my first pair of jeggings yesterday. Prior to that I was wearing super loose workout pants and pyjama bottoms

- Wash your hair the day of the surgery and clean your house beforehand too

- Prepare some meals you can quickly bang in the micro and get your food shop done (you'll want some comfort food in there too)

- Get some facecloths in so you can have sink washes instead of showers post surgery (you won't want to have showers all the time as you'll probably feel a little sensitive about getting your incisions wet even though they'll be covered)

- Get a hot water bottle. This helps with twinges

- You'll feel tired for a while. I'm still needing naps and get very sleepy around early evening. But it's getting better

If there's anything you want to chat about or ask me please do reach out to me! Here if you need to talk. And good luck for tomorrow.


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aannaa in reply to LouiseC83

This community is a lifeline! So helpful to read. XX

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LouiseC83 in reply to aannaa

Ah I'm glad to hear that. Always happy to help on this community as it's been so helpful for me when I've been having wobbles too. You're welcome to reach out if you need to as well x

I had mine 4 weeks ago I was petrified of being put to sleep and that they wouldn’t find anything when the surgeon came around and chatted before the surgery I said this to him that I was so scared that they wouldn’t find anything what if it’s all normal. He reassured me that it wasn’t a waste of time and he said reading through my history he was certain that he would find something. Sitting and waiting was very long and lonely so defo have something to watch or read. I had a lovely nurse that held my hand whilst they put me under literally the weirdest feeling I don’t even no why I was scared for that 😂 only thing I wish was different was the doctor had waited until my husband arrived to give the the results as I was still out of it so I don’t remember everything she said but I got diagnosed with serve endo which is all around my bowels as well so I have been referred to a specialist for it to be removed. I cried (very happy tears) as I made myself so ill with worry that there was nothing wrong. To prepare dressing gowns and slippers for hospital. Loose baggy clothing. For home painkillers, hot water bottle, Listen to your body if you need to nap defo nap 😴 I wish you all the best and I really hope you get the answers xx

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vizzle_01 in reply to Justine89

These are both really good bits of advice. I have my first laparoscopy in 2 weeks so it's good to read these, thanks 🙂

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aannaa in reply to vizzle_01

I’m having my first lap week after next too! They already know I have stage 4 w/ bowel involvement from MRI. So helpful reading all the advise. Thanks so much ladies. Thoughts to all of you also awaiting surgery. XX

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vizzle_01 in reply to aannaa

I hope yours goes well 🤞🏻 that's good in a way that they know you have endo + bowel involvement. I'm the same as the OP don't know if I have endometriosis but symptoms point towards it so I just hope I have some answers but wary that I won't if there's no endo found 🤷🏼‍♀️

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aannaa in reply to vizzle_01

What date is your Op love? Will be thinking of you (probably from the hospital bed!) Really hope they are able to draw some clear conclusions for you and that you get all the answers you need - endo or not. Well done for persevering. xx

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vizzle_01 in reply to aannaa

My op is on 24th Nov. I hope they can too 🤞🏻 Thankyou 🤗 all the best for yours xx

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aannaa in reply to vizzle_01

Will think of you. Let us know how it goes. Take good care. XX

Everything that the other lovely ladies have already said is spot on. I had my lap 6 months ago and was diagnosed with severe stage 4 endometriosis.

When you have the surgery they inflate the area with gas so they have room to work. You may experience some discomfort in your upper chest/neck and shoulders in the days after. This is nothing to worry about and completely normal, it's just the gas dissipating.

All the best and hope you get the results you need.

Good luck! Agree with everything everyone else has said and also peppermint tea to help with the trapped gas, take in a straw as you might not be able to sit up fully, I wasn't so the nurse held the tea in a cup for me to sip. It really helped and also just listening to your body and resting. And support stockings! They should give you those though. And ask about dressings, make sure your have some Dettol or TCP so you can clean your stitch sites

The worst part for me both times was the gas pain after in my deck shoulder. This time round though I found activated charcoal tablets from Holland and Barrett, pukka three mint tea and a gentle walk each day have helped dispel the gas after a couple of days and it wasn’t so bad. Good luck xx

Awww I'm so happy you finally have a date. I really can understand how excited I was. I also waited for a long time( 10 months) to get the date for the lap. I was in Ukraine for this. I too was excited to pack my night bag just in case. I was also so excited on the surgery date I felt like this would be a closure of some sort for me. I packed extra underwear and one that preferably sits about your waistline as you will have two incisions on your thigh crease and wearing underwear that sits on that will be irritating and painful. I ended up buying the briefs that look like shorts from Primark. They really helped to sit above my incisions.

Take thick night pads with you. Sometimes there is bleeding after the surgery. When you wake up you will feel strange down there. They will leave you with disposable lightweight underwear with some surgical gauze down below after surgery. But after the recovery, when you go to the toilet you can change into proper underwear and put on a clean pad. I didn't really bleed but while changing I saw a big stain on my gown. Take some loose clothes like hoodies and loose leggings. Prefer to wear fluffy slippers to make your toes warm. After coming back home I drank lots of peppermint tea which helped. You will be constipated for at least 7 days. So don’t get stressed. You need to drink some yakult or actimel drinks to get the bowel working quick. You will need a hot water bottle for a week too for the back pain. I was lucky to not have shoulder pains for the gas but some people do, so a water bottle might be needed for the shoulder. Other than that you will need loose fitting clothes at home, and a shower gel etc. Always pat dry the incision area.

Good luck, I hope all goes well….👍👍👍🤞

How did it go honey? Thinking of you

Thank you all for your advice, hints and tips! This forum has been an absolute saviour for me throughout this experience- I wish I had discovered it sooner as you are all so wonderful, helpful and supportive. I had my laparoscopy on Monday and the whole experience was rather scary for me! I’m not great with hospitals! I arrived, got signed in and met a nurse who got me my gown, disposable knickers and special stockings! I spoke to the consultant who would be performing the procedure and also people from the anaesthetic team. All the medical staff were amazing, they saw how nervous I was and made sure I felt extra safe. I was second on the list of the day so didn’t have a long wait, which was lucky! The surgery itself went well, however the outcome was not what I was expecting at all. Sadly, after having 3 doctors feeling confident I suffered from endometriosis, they didn’t find any. This has been a massive blow to me and I have been trying to find the words to write this since Tuesday. I have been suffering for 6, nearly 7, years with pain and symptoms that all pointed to endo. I finally get the go ahead to have a laparoscopy as they were confident they would find it and be able to remove it, but there was none. I know I should be grateful but after all this time of not knowing, I feel devastated. I am back to square one. Recovery has been tough physically, but I really don’t know how to begin moving forward mentally! It seems that I am a medical mystery! Thank you all for your sweet messages. You have really helped me through this time ❤️ sending lots of love and positive energy to you all on your endo journeys! Xx 💛🎗

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LouiseC83 in reply to ImNewHere_

Oh honey I'm sorry to hear this. I can completely understand how you must be feeling right now. My biggest fear was them finding nothing because all of these symptoms become so overwhelming that you desperately want answers. I'm sorry. All I can say is you had to do this so you know to rule it out so it's not a lost cause. It definitely had a place in this process. Don't stop looking though. You've done the right thing going through this process xxx

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