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Unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy

Hi All

I haven't been able to find much information and am hoping others may have been through the same. Just had my right ovary and tube removed on Friday so almost a week ago. Incisions are healing well, starting to itch! I've been walking a little each day but I just feel like I have giant weights in my lower belly and my right side keeps feeling like a balloon is inflating then deflating. I've had hot flashes and nausea and head spins the last 3 days and havent been on any meds so it's not that. Yesterday I noticed an odour when I went to the bathroom, no discharge, just an odour that's not normally there. Does this all sound normal to anyone?

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Hi there - I had this as part of a procedure 6 weeks ago, and yes, I felt all of those things! Horrible night sweats, hot and cold, dizzy, tired, pelvic floor felt like it had collapsed, and funny smelling wee! It was a pretty horrible painful time, I feel for you. The good news is that it all settled down after about 2.5 weeks, although the headaches/dizziness and tiredness continued for about 3-4 weeks. You should feel a tiny bit better with each day - if you feel suddenly worse then do get it checked out, as you could have an infection (especially with the funny smelling urine!). Recover well x


Thanks so much for your reply, glad to know others are experiencing the same although I wouldn't wish this on anyone. I've been lucky so far in that I haven't woken up with night sweats although I know I've been sweating more as my sheets stink badly of BO! I will keep an eye on the smelly urine, so far no other abnormal symptoms I don't think! Hoping you are all healed now!


Hello, I had a similar procedure three weeks ago & had some of these symptoms. One thing I didn’t see coming was (sorry for TMI!) constipation. I have been going to the loo so put all the severe waves of pain & bloating down to internal healing. But it turns out that it was something far more simple. It was also making me feel quite ill & I hadn’t realised until I started treatment for it. I definitely think you should see your doctor, today if possible & get checked out. They can also rule out UTIs. It will put your mind at rest of nothing else x


Hi Belljar,

Thanks for the reply and I know exactly what you went through! I was extremely constipated 3 days out and got the worst hemorrhoids of my life! (TMI I know!) I used restoralax and am back to normal now in that respect! I am going to call my doctor today just to check in since he has no follow up appointment scheduled for me which I thought was odd? Taking it day by day but starting to go stir crazy at home doing Nothing! Hoping you have fully recovered and are back to real life!

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I didn’t get my follow-up letter through until about 2 weeks after the op. Chase the secretary up and check you’ve got one scheduled. I know what you mean about going crazy! You just have to rest and try to keep your mind active! Hope you go on OK x


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