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26 weeks pregnant. 12cm Endometrioma. Anxious. Natural birth or C-section? Discharged frm op list and Endo surgeon

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I'm 26 weeks pregnant with 12cm Endometrioma sitting between Cervix and Rectum. I was awaiting surgery to remove the cyst, stage 4 Endo and to sort out blocked left tube before my little miracle. My hospital left it too late to operate after I had to keep making them aware of my situation. So terrible. Then when I finally saw the doctor they said it was too late to operate as already 21 weeks by then.

Has anybody any experience with similar size cyst in pregnancy and birth? How was your pain and did you have natural birth or c section? Just concerned about where the cyst is and pressure in bowel and it being near to cervix. Im feeling so anxious now at every twinge incase of rupture. Don't know if it could rupture during natural birth as any slight sneeze or movement down there is already terrifying me I can feel so much pressure already.

Also it will be two years this Spring that I was told I have the cyst. Had to fight to get to where I was on the list for 2nd op which was due around now (1st op couldn't remove as too complex) only to be told that now I'm pregnant they will have to remove me from the list completely and discharge me.

Very sad as the specialist Endo surgeon had advised me to keep trying to conceive and said nothing about being discharged if so. Obviously id choose to be pregnant any day after the infertility but can't believe they can just discharge me. My midwife was very rude amd said that I upset the system by becoming pregnant so its normal to be discharged! So upsetting fir her to put it like that especially when she should know i was classed as infertile due to the Endo and needing that op. I am still in the same need now amd will be afyer pregnancy..if not more now as cyst has gotten bigger since it was first seen, hasn't reduced in pregnancy and pain was already becoming worse on my bladder aswell as bowel before getting pregnant.

Has anybody else been discharged like this?

Thanks in advance ladies

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