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Endometriosis annual check ups


Hi ladies,

after being diagnosed with endometriosis and having surgery, it seems I have some endometrioma cysts coming back. I was wondering if you are having annual scans and check ups? I checked with my GP but her approach seems to be always to wait until I am in pain or something bad happens and then she will refer me instead of having annual checks. I also have private insurance but I also need my GPs referral of course. I really want to have these annual checks to see when I will need surgery again, review medication etc...

Many thanks for your advise, I am so lost

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So sorry you are feeling lost. Actually I would like to read some answers with people with this experience. I got pregnant after my endo diagnosis + surgery + ivf (tough past 2 years) so actually don't know what process I'll follow after my baby is born (fingers crossed it all goes well).

I hope I can have follow up checks with a specialist in my hospital.

Good luck XX

Hey, I don’t have annual checks up but I tend to just go see my GP when I’m in pain. Luckily I have my surgery follow up tomorrow but my pain is spreading and I seem to suffer with lots of cysts.

I think they only really refer you when you have pain etc as other people need to be seen and the waits are so long as it is. However if you feel like your endo is returning, maybe just exaggerate a little to your GP and see if that can change her mind. xx

Hi. Call your insurers but they generally don’t cover check-ups unfortunately. However, once you are under the care of a private doctor for the condition they often arrange for follow-up appointments which include scans etc. It is worth getting referred to a private Endo specialist who you trust and stay under their care if you can? The GP just needs any change in your condition to have a reason to refer you (new pain, new location, new level of pain, bloating, bleeding etc...). Hope all goes well.

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