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Gallbladder pain and endometriosis, are they linked?


I’m currently struggling from a endo flare up which consists of severe left groin, leg and left ovary pain. My endo is on my back wall of my uterus, left ovary, bowel and cervix. I have been in pain for 3 consecutive days now. I have started to develop some strange symptoms that I have experienced independently before these are...

Upper right side abdomen pain (previously been under investigation for gall stones but scans show I have non)

A sharp pain to the right of my belly button

Upper back pain in between my shoulder blades


I was wondering if anyone has had any of these symptoms before and if they are at all related to endometriosis. Also if anyone has any pain reliever tips I would be very grateful. Thanks In advance. 😊

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Hi Megan

I have from reading your post pretty much the same endo as you however I can’t say that I have those symptoms.

I sometimes get a pain in my shoulder but I think this may be tension and stress related more than endo (although that does cause me a lot of stress 😂) and will get hot flushes and a bit of nausea but rarely.

I favour a hot wheatbag in the microwave for my aches and pains 😉

Hope you get things sorted soon xxx


So sorry you are having such an awful time, I had Gall stone investigations but had none, found out I had endo, adenomyosis, cyst and fibroids

I took pain relief and had a hot bath , just helped a little xx

Hi i had my gallbladder removed 6yrs ago at the time i didnt know i suffered from endo also it took 4yrs to diagnose gallstones for me i had a scan the yr before diagnoses it showed nothing fast forward a yr later suddenly they found the gallstones, estrogen increases cholesterol production which encourages gallstones and endo is estrogen dependant also i know of someone else who had endo and gallstones also so i think there is a link. If you suspect gallstones cut out all fat for a few weeks if your symptoms improve its likely gallstones.

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