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I’ve been hospitalised

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So another post from me this time I’m just really angry and someone please tell me if I’m angry for no reason 😂

Since 2 months back I’ve had bleeding and stomach cramps, bad back and leg pain countless times I’ve called to see gp’s, out of hours drs even went walk in centre.

They’ll ask what’s wrong and they’ll cut me off before even finishing and then just say oh take this pill and you’ll feel better... fast forward to 5 days back I went to see another out of hours gp and he’s like you look absolutely terrible checked my temperature and it was hitting almost 40 and then he checked my stomach and it hurt so much he rang gynae for advice they told me to come in and lo and behold after doing a few checks I had an infection and other issues which caused me to stay in hospital for 5 days well I’m still here as I’m posting this 😂😂

I’m fuming because I went to see so many people about this pain and not one gp listened and if it was an infection it could’ve been picked up sooner and I wouldn’t be in this state, I haven’t eaten in 3 days I’ve had vomiting and diarrhoea, been nil by mouth for 2 of those days for over 12 hours and then on IV antibiotics which has just made the side affects worse because I’m not taking them with a meal.

Absolutely stunned at the level of care in this city and not in a good way either!

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