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Hi advice needed please

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Hi ladies (and gents)

I will try and keep this short but could do with some advice.

I was diagnosed in Feb last year with what they told me was stage two endo and that my tubes were blocked but one was cleared during the laparoscopy.

Fast forward a few months I then attended another appointment where I was told that they felt I had been misdiagnosed and that my endo was actually quite severe and not the mild stage 2 we thought. After a load of tests and various explanations I was told that my pouch of Douglas was obliterated with endo and that my bowel is attached to my ovary which is then attached to my uterus wall. We would desperately Love to have a baby and were told we would have to choose between having surgery to clear as much endo as possible as they couldn’t adequately reach my left ovary or try ivf but only have viable eggs from the right ovary whilst also clearing endometrial cysts.

Fast forward to today...

we had the consultation to discuss what they know and where I’m at and what to do next. They spoke about colon surgery as my bowel is affected and an mri etc.

So I’m really hoping that some of you on here my have some stories of what’s happened to you and how you’ve felt moving forward after

Your surgery.

Thanks for reading

Kelly xx

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Hey, it's a lot to take in and process, sorry to hear it's all not going that great; we just need a simple life once in a while.

I know how you feel though and have put together my experience of it all. Have a look on my profile or search for "All this effort does pay off - my story - hope it helps !"

I know it's not exactly the same as what you're going through but hopefully it'll give you some insight and help a little


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